About Me

-To Guild or to coat with gold- Well the thing about gold is it never goes bad or tarnishes. Its has always had a place in the upper classes of society until about the 1910s-1920s. Then it started becoming more of a finish for the common man (butchers, barber, etc) to show people that they believed in their own business and so should you. You put it on and take care of it, it’ll last a lifetime! When I have that passport in my pocket and I get on that one way flight I feel like my passport is as valuable as gold. Traveling with nothing but a backpack and a budget sometimes I feel like the upper class society of the 20s. And after every journey I feel as though I just gained a lifetime of knowledge.

I have now travelled all of South America, Central America, some of the Caribbean, al do South East asia and a bit of Central Asia, the north of Africa and a bit of Europe. 35 countries and most of the United States down. Lots more to come! I would be honored if you join me in my journey!


Sincerly, Michael


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