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Holbox, Mexico

The island paradise in Mexicos Yucatan you probably didn’t know existed.. This sleepy fishing village on the Gulf of Mexico is breeding grounds to pelicans, pink flamingos and whale sharks!

The village has dirt roads that allow no cars, only golf carts. There are no chain stores or franchises and most of the tourists seem to be from Mexico. Miles of dirt roads, empty beaches, lagoons and wildlife everywhere.

In the morning you will see local fisherman walking the streets on their way to work. Afternoons were spent on one of the many empty beaches. You can rent a golf cart for a couple hours to explore the ends of the islands. There is also a crocodile reserve you can visit.

Early morning you can also spot pink flamingos lining the beaches of the Gulf. On the west end of the island there is a cemetery worthy of the visit. If you follow the mangrove lined dirt roads 15 minutes past that you will find an amazing empty lagoon at Punta Bocontica. A beautiful stretch of white sand beach and teal green knee deep water.

Most evenings we had dinner at Et Voila. A Volkswagen bus near the town square that cooks steaks, chicken, sandwiches and motzarella stuffed japalinos. They were amazing! After dinner you can walk to the shores to see the bioluminescents in the ocean light up electric blue.


If you plan your Holbox trip at the right time of year you can swim with the whale sharks!


Holbox was once a pirate pit stop and hang out on their way to Veracruz. Story goes Fidel Castro and Che Guavara had lunch on Holbox on April 25, 1953 before setting sail for Cuba to start the revolution.

This island has accommodations for every budget. From hostel beds to high end ocean front bungalows. There is also some pretty rad camp sites for the adventurist or budget backpacker.

This is the Mexico you have been looking for..

Getting to and from-

From Cancun or Playa take the ADO bus to Chiquilá. From there you can take the ferry to the island. There are two companies that run every half hour. Holbox Express is a much nicer vescel for the same price.

Where to eat-
La Tortilliria- Amazing chocolate pancakes, fresh fruit and pressed coffee.

El Hornito Argentino- Best Pizza I had in all of Central America!

Et Voila- The VW van asado joint very good.

Where to stay-

Golden Paradise Hotel- $45 per night. Amazing beds, private bath, refrigerator.

What to know-

-There is only two ATMs on the island and sometimes they are out of cash.

-There is only three times a day that the bus goes return to Cancun so plan your ferry accordingly.

-Whale shark season is from June to mid September.


Bacalar, Mexico

The Lagoon of Seven Colors as they call it. This place is unbelievable! This tropical paradise is actually a lagoon 50 miles long and far from the ocean shore.

During the first stages of Piracy in 15th century Bacalar, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres were targets for Pirate raids. During the second stages of piracy of the 16th century they set up hideouts here for better attacks on larger towns for greater plunder.

This was also during the time of the slave trade as well as the coffee, cotton, tobacco and sugar plantations. After Britain gained power of present day Belize, with this trade agreement England, France and holland gained entry to the American market.

In 1670 “The treaty of America” was signed between Spain and England and from that day forward they decided to combat piracy. Now I am one of the only ones left…


I only had two days to spend in Bacalar because I was on the fast track to Cuba for the Rolling Stones concert but I wish I could have gave a few more nights to this beautiful lagoon. The food was very cheep. Not many people spoke English, the sun was hot and the water was cool. Just how I like my Mexico journeys to be.. If you have time check out the water park/swimming area. There is also a reserve near by.

 (View from the hostel)

Where to stay-

I stayed one night at the Posada Lulu La Bruja. A newer hostel owned by a really nice French guy. Vegan food, yoga, very quiet place to relax for a night or two on the lagoon. Free fruit and coffee for breakfast. Good beds, AC -180 peso per night ($10)

Where to eat-

Pizzeria Bertilla has the best pizza in town. Authentic Italian for a very nice price!

Kai Pez is a nice restaurant within walking distance with water side dining. I had 4 tacos, nachos and 4 beers for $9 us.

Getting here and away-

From Belize- I took the boat from Caye Caulker to San Pedro for Immigration. Then to the Port of Chetumal, Mexico. From there you can negotiate a taxi to Bacalar for 200-300 pesos. It’s a 30 minute cab ride.

To Tulum- The bus terminal is on the south side of the town on the corner of Calle 30 and Calle 19 Libramiento. The ADO bus is the best. It wil have you to Tulum in 3 hours.

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