Panama City, Panama from the rooftops..

If you are a backpacker like me you have found many crafty ways to live the dream on a workin mans budget. I have crashed five star pools and parties at pent house bars all around the world! My Central America journey started in Panama City. There are more millionaires per capita then just about anywhere in the world. The local people live on a $500 per month minimum salary but we all just want to take part in the fun! Sky scrapers, luxury cars, and imported European clothes are everywhere. The Panamanian people are better then most at blending in with the wealthy. Women dressed in fancy dress and 5 inch heels. Men in freshly ironed slacks and shiny shoes. I remember my first time in Panama 5 years ago, I was building an office for a guy and the security guard that worked the ground of the property made $22 a day. He would bring his finest slacks, freshly shined shoes and button up to work on Friday and at 4:01 he would be dressed to the 9s to get on the public bus for 60 cents on his way to party with his family. So in Panamanian way of keeping up with the Jones I thought I would like to take part as well.

The 13th floor of the Trump has 5 pools, fantastic steak salads and a $12 pizza to feed two. It is one of the finest pools that I have ever crashed!

Second to the infinity pool on the 66th floor of the casino side of the Trump Towers Panama.

That is the finest pool I have ever crashed! You can sit back and enjoy a Balboa Beer and watch the sun set over Ancon hill and the Panama Canal.

After if you still feel you haven’t worn in your Panama Hat quite yet head over to the Hard Rock Hotel. They have an outdoor infinity pool as well that has an impressive view.

And you can go to the roof top for 360 degree views of all of the city. Probably the best skyline views in Panama!

I suggest the Panamanian red lager the 507. It’s the best rooftop $5 beer you will have!

Getting around-

The Trump is a bit difficult to find on foot. Once you are in that bunch of sky scrapers everything looks the same. You can catch a cab there for $2.

The Hard Rock is in the center next to MultiCentro Mall. If should be easy to walk to from anywhere down town. You can catch a cab from the Trump to the Hard Rock for $1.

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    November 1, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Hi! Nice to read this. Which rooftop bar, with spectacular city view, would you recommend for backpackers with a less fancy outfit? Me as a woman, will only bring Havaianas (flip flops) and sneakers for my backpacking trip 🙂 Thank you!

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